Geography, Geology and Landscape by Edward, Jerry and Gijs

Oceans in Oman:

In Oman the landscape is mostly mountainous; there are many sink holes and deserts. Oman has a great geographical history because in years gone by there have been loads of volcanoes.As a result of the mountainous terrain the Omani coastline has many arches, stacks and stumps compared to Qatar, which has a flat landscape.Oman has over 1600km of coastline, which they are starting to develop as a part of a plan to boost tourism using their natural resources

Wadis in Oman:

Wadi in Arabic means (valley) they are usually shallow and have blue water. These dissect and run through the mountains forming narrow or large gaps. They are mainly dry with a few of them having water year round. Should there be rain. Wadis get flooded with fast flowing water from the mountains.The wadis usually hold luscious greenery, amidst idyllic settings with blue pools of water, running streams and small but clear sparkling waterfalls. These wadis usually support dozens of small villages due to its fertility and are fringed by lime, mango and bananna trees besides others including date palms.

Mountains of Oman

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