William took control over England in many different ways. Unfortunately for me, someone prior to me reading this article decided it would be funny to delete the information somebody spent time writing out, so I'm both going to fail my homework and not going to find out how William took control over England. Shame really :)

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How Important were motte and bailey castles?
The bailey castle and motte were important because the soldiers need to protect the king from the angry english people by building strong defenses, they needed to be built quickly in many villages so they were made out of wood, a full motte and bailey could be built in 8 days. If some houses of the villages stood were the baron wanted the castle he built on top of them. In cambridge 25 houses were pulled down to make way for a new castle. By Sean ,Vasco and Jesus.

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Imagine you are an angry Englishman who has just led a failed attack on a motte and bailey castle. Describe the obstacles you faced on the way to the keep before you were finally defeated. Remember to include what you think were the weakness of the wooden castle.

It was difficult for us to get into the castle because of the ditch at the entrance and the only way in was over a gateway and drawbridge( which was up ),there were also guards at the top on look out, there were archers in the keep, the palisade ( a fence of spears) was also no help to us infiltrating the castle. So we went home after our failed attack and thought about the moat and bailey castles weaknesses.we decide that flaming arrows would burn down the castle and we wouldnt have to get too close.
By : Emelia & Joanna
Picture source: http://www.stronghold-knights.com/site/album/album20/motte_donjon_bailey.jpg
Information source: Invasion,Plague and murder. by Aaron Wilkes
I am currently reading Invasion, Plague and murder (as seen above) at school and it is great i strongly recommend it also this site is great. from Raphaella

1. Examine ways in which William established control:
  • the 'harrying of the North' - the use of terror and destruction to overawe the Saxons;
  • the resistance of Hereward the Wake and the role of the monks of Ely in his betrayal to the Normans;
  • the feudal system - the distribution by William of conquered land to his barons in return for military service;
  • At the top of the feudal system is the king of England(William)he controls the land.Then there is the people that manage the land(the barons) and the money they lend the land to the knights and provide knights.The knights give land to the villagers and so they are loyal to William and it goes on and on and on.

  • the building of motte-and-bailey castles by William's barons to subdue the conquered territor
2. How did William's actions make his position more secure?