Interesting Places by Rachel, Georgia and Shereen

Amazing places and attractions
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Oman’s famous and most visited places are:
· Traditional souqs
· Nizwa
· Forts
· The Oman mountains
· The capital city/ Muscat
Traditional places/ souqs
The traditional souqs have lots of cultural things in them such as pens, books, animals and jewellery. People trade goats for local food or goods, this does not happen anymore because Oman doesn’t have lots of tourists in local places where the souqs are anymore. In the souqs now they have lots of local people, you would not see many westerns.
The Oman Mountains
There are lots of Mountains in Oman and people even camp on them. If there were lots of tourists the best tourist spot would be Jebel Shams, the highest mountain in Oman. People have been up there and lay over the side and looked at the wonderful view, and the drop.
Nizwa is a little town and is in the middle of a group of mountains. Nizwa is the largest city in Ad Dakhiliyah Region in Oman and was the capital of Oman proper. Ad Dakhiliyah Region has 70 thousand people, including two areas of Burkat Al Mooz and Al Jabel Al Akhdar. And that time of year would be more pleasant. There is also a legend called Sohar and it’s about Samba the sailor.
In Muscat you can go to the turtle beaches called Ras Al Hadd, the best time to go would be at the summer time because that’s when they’re mostly laying their eggs. You can also go at winter time round about Christmas. Muscat is a big city in Oman. You can do lots of things in Muscat for example hike up the mountains, have a day out on the lovely beaches, you can go and visit the mosque it is called ‘Sulan Quboos Grand Mosque’, and have a tour round the Oman French museum and Muscat gate museum.

There are a couple of forts in Oman. They are called Fort Jalali and Fort Mirani. It is a good tourist spot. Fort Mirani over look’s the sea and is a beautiful place. In 1587 Fort Mirani was completely built and the chapel is still there. Fort Jalali on the other hand used to be a prison now it is a museum for the public. Not normally you can go into Forts.