external image 5111ZC1H8ZL._SL500_.jpg​Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding. It discusses how culture created by man fails, using as an example a group of British schoolboys stuck on a deserted island who try to govern themselves, but with disastrous results. Read more at Wikipedia.

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Main Idea/Theme
Character View Point
Author's Purpose
Without civilization man becomes violent/evil
Long descriptions of nature
Can't control people
Lots of literary devices
Nature is evil
Piggy's poor grammar
Identity completely changes under masks
Use symbols
Battle between civilization and savegery

No girls on island
​Man vs Nature

Things are different at night than they are in the morning
The Negative Consequences of War

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Insert Table

battle between individualism and community

Each boy describes nature differently from his point of view according to how evil or savage he is
freedom from guilt

loss of innoscense

Fear Of The Unknown.

Blindness And Sight.

Good vs. Evil

Mans need for civilisation

I found this on a website whist searching for themes, this shows what all the symbols represent...

The sea: unchanged element; erases painful and bad experiences
The conch:authority; stability; political justice
The fire: hope of rescue; security
The glasses: power of intelligence
The rock: coldness and brutality
The pighunt: mass hysteria; dark impulses; transformation of human beings into beasts; infectious brutality
The beast: subjective fear of mankind; fear of human beings against each other
The pilot: evil forces in a human shape
Lord of the Flies: evil; brutality; advocate of "fun" in life; humanity's darker impulses
Creepers: the problems of coming to grips with life; forces that prevent humans to reach insight

The website was: http://www.hotchkiss.k12.co.us/HHS/nobelnov/golding.htm



Is the leader of all the kids as he was voted instead of Jack, he's holding
a (creamy) conch (shell).
He's a fit boy with fair hair.
He represents the ego in the story because he tries to balance the fight between Jack and piggy.
Ralph begins to change he's becoming angry and straight.

He isn't very fit because he has asthma and he's fat. He has a golden brown body. He's also wearing glasses so he does not have good eyesight.
He does not have a father and he cant swim. he's rational and intelligent.
He represents the super ego in the story and he tries to make everyone trust him and follow what he knows is right.

He is too young and not ready to be alone without adult supervision. He's well built he has fair hair and a natural belligerence. He's the smallest boy.

Why does Jack act so tough?
The leader of the choir and wanting to be the leader but was out voted.
The people in the choir are hunters now and Jack is the leader of the hunters.
He is the id in the story and he is really irational.
He tries to act like a mature person in front of others but he couldn't bring himself down to kill the pig. Jack slashed the candle buds with his knife when Simon was really enjoying looking at them, he tries to act tough but inside I think he's scared, and trying to hide his softer presonality.
He's wearing a golden badge which shows him being the leader but he had failed to be leader of the kids apart from the choir.

...who is Erics twin brother they are both very laid back and funny. They do almost everything together.


Roger is an evil boy. He's also a sadist.



is one of a group of children called 'littleuns'.

is one of a group of children called 'littleuns'.

Simon is a small and skinny boy. Simon is gentle, calm, quiet and a peace-maker. He also appriceates nature's beauty. He likes to bring people together, make people happy and bring peace to the world. He has long black hair covering his eyes.
The island

The island has a forest. It also has palm trees and rocks.
There are fish, the water is warm and inviting and it looks shiny and clear. It is calm and beautiful, and safe and fun to swim in. The island has a hot weather, and seems to be abandoned or undiscovered untill now. It seems to be relaxed and calm but further on in the book I think the island will get angry and tense.
The island seems to change from "good" to "evil".
Percival is one of a group of children called 'littluns'. Sensative, always seems to cry.
Piggy's Spectacle (Glasses)
See full size image
See full size image

represents intellect, intelligence, responsibility & rationalism.

By looking at the cover of the book, you can tell that something terrible happens to Piggy because his glasses are destroyed.
Conch Shell
external image Conch_shell_2.jpg
represents law and order. Brings everyone together. It's fun and interesting.

They would be wild and undesiplined, every boy for himself, if the conch was not found. The boys are excited to find a brand new thing. The boys are so excited that they found such a beautiful and natural thing. The conch shell represents order. The conch is whittering away like the order itself. The conch is getting white and transparent.

represents fear, and affects how people behave, people's different deepest fears

The little boy was the one who thought of it first, but others are probably scared too.

Chapter One- The Sound of the Shell


Why does Jack act like he's tough, in charge, or grumpy?
Has Simon left Jacks choir? Because the whole choir are now the hunters apart from Simon...

What do these words mean?

  • togs
  • "sun-blindness"
It is when you go from a place with alot of light to a place with not much light and you can't see well.
  • effulgence
  • vivid phantoms
  • penetrating
  • effloresence
I dont understand this conversation on pg 27. "Immured in these tangles, at perhaps their most difficult moment, Ralph turned wit shining eyes to the others. "Wacco." "Wizard." "Smashing."
  • Hastened - page 12
  • Motif - page 12
A mark or object that represents something(the shell, piggy's glasses, etc.)
  • Interposed - page 16
  • On page 18 what does the author mean by 'hot, dumb sand'?

Ideas you want to share:

I think this book is really interesting and I like it how Piggy hasn't been given a name yet. It makes you want to keep reading on to find out and how the characters of Piggy & Ralph are so different.
I think that piggy should have been leader, even if he cannot physically do anything, he can order people to be responsible and rational too so they wouldnt get in trouble. I think ralph is powerful in a physical way, and even though he is fit, he would not know how to blow the conch because he isnt as bright as piggy. and piggy would be powerles without ralph, because if he had made a rule, no one would listen because he cannot physically enforce the rules. so they need to stick together.
Its one of those annoying questions that dont get answerd once you have finished a book! We dont know Piggy's name.

Sentences or phrases you really like:

Page 12: 'A great platform of pink granite thrust up uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and lagoon.'

Page 12: A school of tiny, glittering fish flicked hither and thither.'

Page 13: "Suck to you ass-mar!"

This quote by Piggy on page 13 tells you what kind of person he is... 'You can't half swim well.'

This quote by Ralph shows you that he was brought up very well and is quite posh... 'I could swim when I was five. My Daddy taught me. He's a commander in the Navy.'

Page 15 there is a similie used that I think stands out and makes the whole thing sound really good. 'So that spots of blurred sunlight slid over their bodies or moved like bright, winged things in the shade.' The way they describe the conch shell as being a creamy pink colour shows that it's meant to be new, relaxing and calming.

Page 16.. "Ralph took the shell from Piggy and a little water ran down his arm. In color the shell was deep cream touched here and there with fading pink. Between the point, worn away into a little hole, and the pink lips of the mouth, lay eighteen inches of shell with a slight spiral twist and covered with a delicate, embossed pattern." It creates a beautiful detailed picture of what the conch might look like in my head.