Traditions by Jamie, Reza and Mohammad

All Oman is employed by government are required to wear the traditional dress.
For men traditional dress is usually light purple but white, gold and other colours are sometimes seen.
In other countries they celebrate the first day of Eid on Sunday and Monday in Oman.
In Oman they do not celebrate Halloween and Christmas.
In Oman during Eid it is more respectful to give a piece of food handmade then buying it from the shops.

Oman is a traditional Muslim country
People have to dress respectfully, which means no bare legs or shoulders shown. (For both men and women) Women should cover their heads and take off their shoes before entering a mosque.
You are not allowed to display public affection.

If an Omani is invited to another’s house they have to dress the same way and take off their shoes

before entering the house. Some traditional food during Eid in oman are ruz al mudhroub, a rice dish served with fried fish and maqdeed, a special dried meat.
Muqalab is a tripe and pluck cooked with crushed ground spices,which are cinnamon, cardamon,clove, black pepper , ginger, garlic and nutmeg.
On the first day of Eid lunch usually is harees, which is made from wheat mixed with meat. On the second day it consists of Mishkak and on the third day it is Shuwa.
The method of making Shuwa is that the meat is marinated with red pepper,
The eids of oman is eid al fitr and eid al adha.