Music by Isabel, Al Maha and Aisha

The music of Oman has been strongly affected by the country’s coastal location, with Omani sailors interacting with, and bringing back music from, Egypt, Tanzania and in other places. More recently, a Portuguese occupation has left its own marks, while geographic neighbors like the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran have also had a profound influence. In contrast to other Arab countries, Omani traditional music has a strong emphasis on rhythm.
Traditional music marks all the stages in the life of an Omani, including birth, circumcision, marriage and death. In contrast to many Arab countries, all Omanis participate in music; include both men and women, and young and old people.

Omani singers
Salha all though she was born in London and her parents are from Zanzibar she has an Omani root. She mostly performs in Dubai.
Asma’s father, Mohammed Rafi Qasim Al Balushi is a versatile singer in Oman, and has been named after the late popular Indian singer Mohammed Rafi. He was the runner-up in the Muscat idol talent hunt show a couple of years back.

By Isabel