As you have heard we will be visiting Oman in February and March 2010.
In the lesson we have been discussing Oman and brainstorming what we know about it. Now we would like you to research about Oman so that you have an in depth knowledge before you visit the country.
Use the categories below to add your research notes.
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The climate is a hot, desert-like one. Similar to Qatar, but they get more rain. It is more green, and water is supplied for plants by Wadi's (Rivers that get filled by rain water in the wet season) and also mountain-tops. The weather stays the same, but the mountains tend to be pretty cold. Sometimes there is snow, but not often/regularly.

In Oman, people speak Arabic as a first language, but most people do also speak English.

Like Qatar there is a large population, but not many of them are expatriates. Unlike Qatar most people that live and work in Oman are locals.

Geography, geology and landscape:
There are many lush area's or green in Oman. this is because of wet seasons, and water from the mountains. There are valley's and Wadi's, lakes and rivers, but also a vast land of unwanted desert.

Culture and Religion:
The Religion in Oman is by far, Muslim. They study the trates of Islam, but consider that many tourists are Christian and should respect the fact that they are Christian. The local's prefer to keep themselves to themselves, so in the ONami Culture, it is forbidden to take any photographs of local people. Especilly women.




Interesting places: